Good golly, Mrs. Molly!

Y’all. I don’t even think you’re ready for this. Our sweet bride Molly’s wedding pictures popped into our inbox a couple weeks ago and we CAN.NOT. stop thinking about them! So we only thought it was fair that we share all of the gorgeousness with you. Hope you’re ready to swoon, gasp, tear up, and wish you could get married in Hawaii!

Disclaimer: Narrowing down this blog to only a couple dozen of images was PAINFUL!!! All the glory to our girl Molly & her fabulous photographer Emily Turner Photography!

1_ Bridal Prep + Details_Emily Turner Photography-7.jpg
1_ Bridal Prep + Details_Emily Turner Photography-23.jpg
1_ Bridal Prep + Details_Emily Turner Photography-38.jpg
1_ Bridal Prep + Details_Emily Turner Photography-15.jpg
1_ Bridal Prep + Details_Emily Turner Photography-68-2.jpg
1_ Bridal Prep + Details_Emily Turner Photography-86.jpg
3_Ceremony_Emily Turner Photography-2.jpg
3_Ceremony_Emily Turner Photography-73.jpg
3_Ceremony_Emily Turner Photography-142.jpg
5_Bride + Groom_Emily Turner Photography-49.jpg
5_Bride + Groom_Emily Turner Photography-86.jpg
5_Bride + Groom_Emily Turner Photography-52.jpg
4_Group Photos_Emily Turner Photography-2.jpg
5_Bride + Groom_Emily Turner Photography-73.jpg
7_Post Session_Emily Turner Photography-58.jpg
5_Bride + Groom_Emily Turner Photography-125.jpg
5_Bride + Groom_Emily Turner Photography-34.jpg
7_Post Session_Emily Turner Photography-59.jpg
6_Reception_Emily Turner Photography-36.jpg