Meet the Team: Rosé

Meet The Team: Rosé

You know what, friends? We think it’s time for you to meet the team! So pour yourself a glass of wine and cozy up to meet our first and hairiest shop girl… Rosé!


Job Description: Shop Dog!

About Me: Rosé (Rose-ay) is a one & a half year old Bichon/Shih Tzu mix, although her personality is far more mature than her chronological age suggests. She is wise beyond her years, offering free cuddles and emotional support to brides and the EHB staff alike. Rosé can often be found curled up taking a snooze on one of the showroom sofas. Catch her around 4 PM for her daily burst of energy when she reminds us that she is, indeed, a puppy.

Favorite KC Eatery: I love the classics- nothing beats Winstead’s for me! Did someone say STEAKburgers?!

First Dance Suggestion: “I’ll Be Seeing You” -Billie HOWL-iday

Current Bridal Trend Obsession: Blush Gowns. Who wouldn’t love a little splash of rosé in their life!?

Shopping Advice: If you’re feeling overwhelmed or having a hard time making a decision, take a five minute break to cuddle with me! I’d be happy to brighten your day!