That's a Rap! Kersee's Proposal Story

Kersee and Drew had been dating for five and a half years. Having been together for so long, Drew knew he had to be very sneaky to keep such a big secret and surprise Kersee! She and Drew were both in their final semesters of college; Drew at the University of Arkansas and Kersee at Pittsburg State University. Drew had quite the plan to end their long distance relationship and bring them together in their hometown of Kansas City once again.

During college Kersee had done some videography work for The Church of the Resurrection in Overland Park from time to time, so when she received a call for a job on March 27th, at 2:15 pm, she thought nothing out of the ordinary. As that date kept getting closer and closer, Drew kept getting more distant. Kersee was annoyed at his short hand texts and brief phone calls. Looking back, she realized how hard it must have been for him to keep his secret for so long. 

She arrived at the church a little early. The pastor (who was in on the surprise) kept Kersee in his office until exactly 2:15 pm. When she went to go "do her job" Kersee was surprised to find a completely empty auditorium. There was not a soul around. She knew that something was not right, but before she had a chance to question anything she saw Drew step onto the stage. That's when he asked for a beat.

Kersee was frozen where she stood as Drew shocked her by rapping. 

Not like a joke rapping, he was legitimately rapping. Not like a 2 second rap but a full out 3 minute song. Drew rapped about how we first started dating, going to college, Lord of the Rings. He sounded really good!! - Kersee

She rushed on stage and said "Yes!" How could you say no after seeing the best performance of your life? Drew and Kersee agreed to tie the knot, and we are so glad they did! 

Kersee later found her perfect custom gown at EmilyHart Bridal. After figuring out exactly what she wanted in her dress, she was able to work with Emily to create a one of a kind Wedding Gown. How could you choose an ordinary gown with such an extraordinary story?

Congratulations Drew and Kersee! Your wedding day will be perfectly unique and spectacular; just like the two of you! Blessings!

-Morèe and the entire EmilyHart Team